X-O Manowar # 35 Review

Written by Robert Venditti
Art by Diego Bernard, Ryan Winn, Mark Pennington, Faucher & Brian Reber
Letters by Dave Sharpe

Valiant Entertainment


Review by Frankie Rodriguez

What Happened: Aric goes out to Loam to try to save it from Dead Hand … yet, he finds his efforts could very well be in vain.


Big Moment: The Declaration that Aric is going to create an army.



This issue’s art was ok. Perhaps I have been spoiled with Bernard’s art alongside Winn and Arreola, but this issue seemed to miss Bernard’s normal “umf.” The panel composition was good and the colors work well. We get enough background to feel Loam and see the emotion from the Vine. Yet, the lack of detail in Bernard’s art work seems to be something that comes through. The inking done in this issue is goes from average to great.  It is fine. It is not bad, just not what I have come accustomed to seeing from Bernard. The characters look good and we get some great expression from the Vine. The robots are awesome. Yet, it does feel like the work isn’t as detailed and the different inks give a different look in some parts than others.
Overall, the art team delivers a good job this issue,  but the different inks and the slightly less detail does seem to make the issue look rushed.

XO_035_005 XO_035_003


Venditti spends the issue presenting just how big and bad of a threat Dead Hand is while advancing Aric’s relationship with the Vine. Having the Vine face extinction with Aric trying to save them is quite a turn for the character since the first issue of the book. Venditti does an excellent job giving voices to the various Vine, Aric and even Dead Head.  The dialogue was easy to follow.  The issue definitely focused on Dead Hand coming, Venditti does great work in fleshing out the Vine more. Aric, himself, get some great characterization as he begins to think like a true leader in order to take down Dead Hand.

The pacing of the issue was superb and we got just the right cliffhanger to make readers want to come back next issue.


Final Verdict:

Really have to say that I have enjoyed Venditti’s writing this issue. While not a lot happens, Venditti does a good job of character building. The art was good, but have seen better in the past. Still, it was good overall, with decent colors and does convey what it needs to. I give X-O Manowar # 35 a 3.5 out of 5.