All-New All-Different Avengers Team Revaled

Written By: XBen3000

Good Morning people! Coming at you with some comic book news this morning. From Marvel as the roster for All-New All-Different Avengers has been revealed.


It seemed like everyone was able to call this roster. The only person we don’t know is who the “Iron Man” is as in the wired UK article. They describe it as an Iron Man and no real details as to who is operating the suit. Continuing from there this cover had leaked and we learned that Mark Waid, Mahmud Asrar, and Laura Martin. Are attached to this series but Marvel has yet to comment on whether it’s true or not. Mahmud Asrar on twitter confirmed that he is involved with this series.

Overall I’m very excited for this series to come out. I’m looking forward to this Avengers team once Secret Wars is over.

Source: Newsarama