The Game Riffers : Riff Table Arcade (Episode 26) – Nintendo’s New Initiative with DeNA!

Nintendo has announced this past week a huge, bombshell of news to the masses as they are doing a joint venture with a mobile gaming giant called ‘DeNA’. This alliance will allow both companies to utilize Nintendo IP for brand new games that are made on smartphones, but also the introduction of the successor to Club Nintendo that will encompass accessibility for PC, smartphones, tablets, the Wii U, 3DS, and their next-generation hardware that is codenamed the NX. With this, the Nintendo platform has been expanded outside of its original boundaries to unlock newer possibilities with more, calculated risks that could suit the company for the better. However, what do the guys at the Game Riffers think about this whole new initiative? Since FighterXaos was unable to join for this episode due to other obligations he had to attend to, our buddy “The Shades” from RVT Entertainment comes over to take over as our special guest, this time around! Enjoy the next 90 minutes as we will deliver our thoughts…directly…to you! Enjoy!

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