FATHOM: KIANI Vol. 4 # 2 Review

FATHOM: KIANI Vol . 4 # 2
Written by Vince Hernandez
Art by Giuseppe Cafaro & Wes Hartman
Letters by Josh Reed
Aspen Comics


Review by Frankie Rodriguez

What Happened: Kiani and Anika continue their sisterly bonding and learning about people in Mogadishu after letting the soldiers who attacked them go. While they don’t agree on tactics, Kiani and Anika try to be sisters. Yet,  the Anti-Blue Armor protocol has been activated and the first ABA soldier gets sent in to face the sisters …

Big Moment:  There are two in this … Kiani having her sister fight beside her when the ABA drops … and the last page.



Cafaro and Hartman continue to dazzle readers with solid, detailed art. There was some great perspective shots this issue that allowed everything to feel more real. Cafaro does not disappoint with detail, capturing emotion of our characters well.  Cafaro and Hartman give us great looks of the world with the high tech ships to the dissolute of Mogadishu. Hartman’s lighter colors work this issue, giving everything a stronger, clearer look.  During the panels within the ship as the grey matter that composes the Anti-Blue Armor (ABA) is being discussed, the darker tones capture how sinister and foreboding the material is.  With solid action and emotion, Cafaro and Hartman do an outstanding job this issue.

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Hernandez does a great job of moving the story along and presenting solid character development. Kiani and Anika seemed to have a long way to go to forge their sisterly bonds. Yet, this issue shows great development for the two of them. Anika is starting to understand humans and her sister better while Kiani is stepping up to the role as not only big sister, but leader quite naturally. The pacing of the issue was pretty solid, nothing feeling that it was moving too fast or too slow. The dialogue was fresh and captured a lot of what the characters had to say in a concise manner. Nothing felt wasted at all this issue. And the thrilling ending of this issue just marks what will come the next two issues.
Hernandez just continues to pen quality comics and this is just another example of his mastery.

Final Verdict:

We got some great development, a push ahead to the main conflict and awesome action. Nothing felt crammed. The art was good and the story was great. Kiani and Anika can be forces to be reckoned with but it is nice to see that there is a challenge even they might not be able to master.  Seriously, I did enjoy this issue a lot.  I give Fathom: Kiani  Vol. 4 # 2 … a strong 4.5 out of 5.