Straight Forward Reviews : Quantum and Woody Must Die # 3

Quantum and Woody are unwittingly in a big scheme to kill them and lots of laughs and action abound in their efforts to stay alive and figure out just what is going on.

QWMD_003_COVER-A_HAWTHORNEWriter – James Asmus

Artist – Steve Lieber

Publisher – Valiant

Review by Jeremias de Leon


This issue starts in medias res and then works from an earlier point to get to where it began and to also see what happens afterwards. A plot to use animals at the zoo to kill Quantum and Woody is enacted by a group of people who were former victims from the duo’s previous heroics. The characters dialog and the story elements in this issue were written very well.  The plot itself was also entertaining to get through in this issue. There were twists and turns that you probably won’t see coming but are quite interesting. That’s all I’ll say about the plot so there won’t be spoilers.

The humor in this had some obvious moments that would get a laugh out of everyone, and in this issue most all belong to Woody but in the beginning of the issue some belonged to Quantum. But there was also plenty of subtle humor that was really clever. It’s the best of both worlds although the subtle “smart” humor felt stronger.


The art in this issue captures the absurd and action packed moments quite well. The style is simple but has just enough detail to keep readers eyes glued. During some particular, some might say heinous moments, depending on how you feel about animals the art seemed to give off this brutal feel without actually showing gore. Which is just as much attributed to Dave McCaig’s colors as it is to Steve Lieber’s art. QWMD_003_002


This issue of Quantum and Woody Must Die has some hilarious ups and downs and one heck of an ending. This issue pulls you in and doesn’t let you go and either makes you laugh or gets your blood pumped from the action or both, preferably for the team both. I give Quantum and Woody Must Die # 3 a 5 out 5