iZombie “Pilot” Review

Written By: XBen3000

Coming at you with my quick thoughts of CW’s new television series iZombie based on the comic series by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred. Going into iZombie I wasn’t sure what to expect, outside of watching a few of the previews. I couldn’t really make sense as to what the show would be about exactly. Watch the Pilot episode, I found myself really enjoying the cast and the world they were able to build. We have Olivia “Liv” Moore as our main character and I enjoyed Rose Mclver’s performance of bringing her to life. ¬†She’s playing this woman whose life has been turned upside down after becoming a zombie but at the same time a different zombie per say.

What I found refreshing about iZombie is that it isn’t a post apocalyptic setting. It’s very much in a current time where as far as we know. Olivia seems to be the only zombie that we know off and I’m invested in seeing if they’re more people like her around. Another aspect of iZombie is that it plays similar to a police procedural and I can’t turn down a police procedural show. So it already won me over once that concept was introduced. Learning what Olivia can do in this zombie sort of state was interesting. As we learn when she eats a brain she receives that information at random times. That’s an aspect I like, as we see with Olivia¬†she picks up some…habits I’ll say for now.

Back to the show it was very solid for a pilot episode. I’m definitely tuning in as to what will happen next week. Overall I recommend checking out iZombie people. I feel like this television series has the potential to be something great.


4/5 Stars