Stray # 2 Review

Written by Vito Delsante
Art by Sean Izaakse  and Ross Campbell
Action Lab Entertainment


What Happened:

Rodney and Detective Brooks end up burying Rodney’s father, forcing him to face his present and his past. Rodney’s former teammates show up to find the man he was while Rodney decides on the man he’s going to be. And the Doberman’s killer might be on the hunt for the Rottweiler.


Big Moment:

That last panel was pretty damn awesome.

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Izaakse and Campbell make a remarkable team as their art is absolutely spectacular this issue. There is a lot of emotion and tone captured in each page. The characters are all rendered wonderfully, with different proportions and very distinct looks.  Izaakse and Campbell aren’t afraid of perspectives as this issue shows them over again: with the flashbacks of teen Rottweiler in action, to the funeral , to Rodney facing his former teammates.  Izaakse and Campbell do some great action sequences as Rodney proves he still has it. Backgrounds definitely help make the issue feel like a city with ease. From some powerful moments like Rodney faced with his former teammates to our hero in action, this issue had almost everything done well.



This issue focus on Rodney coming to terms as a person: who he was, who he is and who he’s going to be. Delsante bring that all to the forefront very well as we get nicely placed flashbacks of Rodney’s past with his dad, his talk with his former teammates and the final couple of pages at the end of the issue. The murder mystery is still very much an important plot point that drives things along. Delsante touches upon how detached Rodney and Detective Brooks are, not really having friends because so many have been buried. It was done really well.

This issue definitely had some powerful dialogue during Rodney seeing the TeenAgents, all grown up, facing him. Delsante ties Rodney’s past and present well, creating very powerful moments throughout the issue and evolving Rodney from who we have come to know him as last issue. The evolution feels very authentic and relatable.  With perfect pacing, Delsante pens an outstanding issue.


Final Verdict:

Stray # 2 definitely moves things forward in a powerful way. The art is fantastic. The story is multilayered. We have a main character that evolves but is truly multi-faceted, allowing readers to feel how human he is. The main storyline is used as a driving point while the art gives us the emotion and action the story richly deserves. I give Stray # 2 a 5 out of 5.