Nova Annual #1 “The Adventures of Doc & Sammy” Review

Written By: XBen3000

Coming at you with a review of Nova Annual #1. The issue is entitled “The Adventures of Doc & Sammy” and I have to say its a fun adventure. Warning there will be spoilers for the Nova series so please be advised.

The Good

One of the things I’ve loved about this current Nova series is that the comic book events have an effect. This annual is an example of the tie-in issues mattering. We start off with Sam who was trying to find Mr. Fantastic to fix his helmet Doc Green broken during AXIS. Long and behold Doc Green is currently holding down the fort in the Baxter Building. What I loved about Gerry Duggan is that he really knows how to write Sam. I mean his initial reaction was blasting Doc Green. Which…yeah I would do that as well. In AXIS Doc Green gave Sam an injury he’s finally recovering from.

That said the cosmic adventure between Doc Green and Sam was fantastic. Seeing Doc Green talking about how he’s never enjoyed space made perfect sense. There’s a panel where Sam and Doc Green are flying through space and David Baldeon (artist), Terry Pallot (Inker), and David Curiel (Colorist). Are able to demonstrate Doc Green being apprehensive to almost showcasing this joyful expression of him enjoying space. Sam and Doc Green have some good back and forth dialogue. I really want Gerry Duggan to do a team book, because the way he plays off of Doc Green and Sam was fun to read.

The Bad

Nothing really bad in this annual. Outside of wanting more pages but otherwise then that, I’m a satisfied customer.

Final Thoughts

The Nova annual continues to showcase how fantastic┬áSam Alexander is as a character. Everyone involved with making Sam the character he is today, hats off to you. I haven’t had that much fun reading a comic book in a while. This annual was not only fun but even heart warming. Overall this Nova annual is worth your money.


5/5 Stars