Herocats of Stellar City # 4 Review

Written by Kyle Puttkammer
Art by Marcus Williams, Ryan Sellers & Matt Herms
Letters by Briana Higgins
Action Lab Entertainment

unnamed (4)

Review by Frankie Rodriguez

What Happened:

The Herocats journey below ground. They find an underground society that must be defended by a mysterious threat.



Williams, Sellers and Herms do a terrific job this issue taking normal cats and making them extraordinary. We get some strong character designs with cave dwellers and the underground city, Williams and crew make some awe inspiring panels throughout the issue. The city looks beautiful. The cats are well proportioned and have a distinct look to fit their personalities.
Williams, Sellers and Herms do a wonderful displaying emotion within our cats that it’s uncanny. The perspectives were pretty good. Baskoal looked fairly threatening in Williams’ cartoony style. The style is very pleasing and would look amazing animated. A good job by the art team.



Puttkammer does a solid job this issue giving us a one and done adventure while giving character development to one of the more unknown members, Belle. We get some great back story to Belle as our issue continues on.  The dialogue was pretty good this issue, helping the story to move along as a good pace.

Puttkammer goes with a classic super team comic style of splitting up the team to deal with looking around the underground city. There is some great, simple dialogue to develop our team further. Puttkammer let’s this one and done issue pace itself well. The issue was just pure fun.

Final Verdict:

A fun romp underground develop one of our main heroes and gives us some world building of the Herocats. The art’s cartoony style serves the book well. We get some great characterization for Belle and the classic like writing style for super hero teams are here and done well. I give Herocats # 4 a solid 4 out of 5.