Valiant Entertainment Announces Movie Division

Written By: XBen3000

Fantastic news for Valiant Comics fans. Valiant Entertainment announced a new round of financing that basically says “movie division is a go”. Valiant and DMG Entertainment will be developing both movies for release in the U.S and China as well as new projects specifically for the Asian market. To quote The Hollywood Reporter on their thoughts about Valiant Entertainment.

If Valiant’s business model of tightly controlling the comic books and movie versions of its characters seems to borrow from Marvel’s way of doing things, that’s no accident. Former Marvel chief executive Peter Cuneo is the current chairman of the company and has gone on the record with his intent to transform the publisher into “Marvel 2.0.” Marvel’s current movie success, it might be worth mentioning, started with its own nine-figure funding in 2005.



I’m very happy that Valiant will be going bigger. I’ve loved every title the comic book company has put out so far. So I’m wishing them nothing but success with their movie endeavors. Like always sound off down below letting me know what you think. I think everyone here at thebrokeninfinite is happy for Valiant.

Source: THR