Mrs. Deadpool and The Howling Commandos Enter Marvel’s Battleworld

Written By: XBen3000

Coming at you with some comic book news today. Hitfix was able to get the exclusive news of a new title coming to Battlworld. That title being Mrs. Deadpool and The Howling Commandos. The title will written by Gerry Duggan.  So far an artist has not been announced for the upcoming series. The book will feature Shiklah, the wife of Deadpool leading the following roster.  Jack Russell as Werewolf by Night, The Living Mummy, Frakenstein, and Marcus the Unbeatable Centaur. While Man-Thing is not mentioned to be on this roster, he is on the cover. So one can only hope Man-Thing will appear on the team.



Going into my final thoughts for now, I’m very excited. I’ve been loving every book Marvel has announced for Secret Wars. DC Comics and Convergence also have my attention with the titles they’re releasing in the upcoming months. Finally Image Comics, Valiant Comics, Boom Studios, Dynamite Entertainment, and other comic book companies. Also have titles that I want to check out as well. Overall these are exciting times for Comic Book Fans. Let me know what you think down below in the comments or on Twitter. Are you excited for Secret Wars?

Source: Hitflix