Zombie Tramp # 8 Review

Written by Jason Martin & Dan Mendoza
Art by Winston Young & Jason Martin
Letters by Dave Dwonch & Jason Martin

Review by Frankie Rodriguez
unnamed (28)




What Happened:

This one and done has Janey tracking down her stolen Necronomicon to Detroit, in the hands of a nerdy kid. A flashback of a past sin makes her feel sorry for the teen … but that moment or vulnerability leaves her open to a different attack.


Big Moment:

All I gotta say is that Janey really gets a hand or two for what she did.



Young and Martin continue to give us a gloriously gory ride.  Young and Martin do a great job presenting the right atmosphere with their part, having detailed backgrounds and colors that are fitting to the situation and mood of the scenes. The cartoony-style by Young is presented well here as we get a good amount of characters and things of all shapes, sizes and perspectives.  Young and Martin do an outstanding job with the gore while giving some decent emotional reactions to our characters within the book.

Obvious nudity and gore, the flashbacks were handed well with a great bluish graining over them to show readers that it is the past. We get some ridiculously good gore here, which is a selling point for the book.


This issue was great, giving plenty of character development to Janey while still very much in the grindhouse, gore department. Martin and Mendoza continue to give some more thought provoking actions to Janey, showing that she still has a heart …in whichever dead body she is in. The fact that the Necronomicon is a plot this issue and set up is used for future issues.

The pacing was great. The dialogue was entertaining and very powerful. Witty and some smart twists made this a fun read.

Final Verdict:

This was a creepy and fun ride from start to finish. We got some solid writing, witty dialogue and great art.  We got good set up for future plot and some good development for Janey. I give Zombie Tramp # 8 a 4 out of 5.