Comic Review: Secret Origins #10

Written By: XBen3000

Coming at you with a comic book review Nation. This time for DC Comics Secret Origins #10. For those who do not know, Secret Origins is a comic book series which features origin stories for DC Comic characters in the New 52. This issue we’re in for the origins of Batgirl, Firestorm, and Poison Ivy.

The Good

I’ll start off with Batgirl’s origin tale and go from there. With Batgirl we get to see her history as to what happened once the Joker shot her to seeing her make a recovery. In Batgirl’s origin there is a huge twist which I was like “Whoa, that’s interesting”. I don’t want to spoil that twist as then I would be spoiling Batgirl #39 for you but it was something that I’m looking forward to seeing how it plays out in Batgirl #40. We had the Batgirl team, Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher as the writers. While Irene Koh was doing the art duties. Finally we have HI-FI on colors and Jared K Fletcher doing the letters.

I really enjoyed Irene Koh’s art style throughout this issue. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of his art work on ongoing series. HI-FI had a good color palette to work with this issue and really helped advanced Irene’s art. Jared K Fletcher’s lettering was solid.

Next up is Firestorm where we get a retelling of their origin story. I have to say I wasn’t a Firestorm fan until The Flash television series but seeing the origin retold in this really had me excited. Dan Jurgens did a fantastic job on writing duties this issue. Sean Chen did the art work while Mark Morales did the inking. Travis Lanham was the letterer and finally Romulo  Fajardo Jr was the colorist. Sean’s artwork was solid with Mark being his inker. Meanwhile Romulo’s color palette for this issue was nice. It really complimented the story that was being told. Finally Travis letter was solid as well. Overall a fantastic short story and now I really wish we had a Firestorm ongoing by this creative team. DC Comics if you’re reading this, please give Firestorm another chance.

Finally we have Poison Ivy written by Christy Marx, art by Stjepan Seijic, and letters by John J Hill. This time around it wasn’t a complete origin story per say. When we learn of Poison Ivy’s origin, its done in a nice flashback. I really love Stjepan Seijic’s art style, its definitely a style on Stjepan can use. I just can’t see it being mimicked by another artist. John J Hill’s  lettering was solid as well, very smooth and nothing distracting. Finally Christy Marx, a writer I knew nothing about going in. Really did a solid job at telling the short story that went along with Poison Ivy’s origin. Overall a nice way to end the issue with this tale.

The Bad

The only thing bad I have to say about this issue was the price. A $4.99 price tag, I just feel like it should be less but that’s another topic.

Final Thoughts

Overall I have to say this is a very solid series. Nothing in any of the stories were confusing, anybody new to DC Comics. I would recommend them to pick up this series before diving into any of the current runs. Secret Origins does its job in informing the reader of their favorite characters origin stories. If you have the extra money, I highly recommend picking up this series.


5/5 Stars