Fight Like a Girl # 4 Review

Written by David Pinckney
Art by Soo Lee

Action Lab Entertainment

Review by Frankie Rodriguez
What Happened: We get a nice flashback of Kaiden and Amarosa just before Amarosa faces her latest challenge … a giant dragon … with the lives of an entire village on the line. No pressure right.


Big Moment: Amarosa figuring out how to save herself … and the people of the village.



Lee gives us an issue full of action and good emotional moments. There are a lot of different perspectives and backgrounds in the issue, allowing readers to feel engrossed in the area. Lee does a great job giving the vast array of emotions that get piled on this issue as we see hope, determination, fear and pain all wrapped within the pages. This issue definitely looks less sketchy than the last one. The art certainly looks cleaner. The colors bring out a wonderful intensity to Lee’s pencils.  The majority of the issue was great. Some of the panel work, in the second half, does seem very minimal. And while the color and overall art conveys what Lee is trying to say, a few panels look breezy. Otherwise, Lee does a solid job bringing Fight Like a Girl to life.

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Pinckney has a certain way of building relationships and pulling at the heart strings of those relationships. We get  a lot of development for Amarosa, Kaiden and the story itself in this final issue of the first volume. Pinckney cleverly disguises Amarosa’s next labor to a powerful lesson for her to learn about herself. Pinckney allows readers to have that sense of self discovery with Amarosa as she figures that out.

The pacing of the issue was excellent as Kaiden’s role gets larger and larger in a very organic manner. Pinckney throws a curve ball that affects the entire book and gets displayed well. The dialogue is easy and relatable.  Amarosa and Kaiden sound like real people in a very messed up situation and dealing with their feelings and their own doubts cause of said situation. This issue focuses on that and the decisions made because of that. Really solid work by Pinckney.



I really am excited because of reading this issue. The drama and action are flawlessly linked. Pinckney gives our star a very important lesson that he lets us experience with her. Lee’s art is better this issue. Overall, it is a fun book and looking forward to Volume 2. I give Fight Like a Girl # 4 a solid 4 out of 5.