Straight Forward Reviews : Quantum and Woody Must Die # 2

Seems Quantum and Woody has stepped on a lot of toes with their past… well, some might call heroics. Now they have a group of people who are nearly obsessed with making sure they die.

Writer – James Asmus

Artist – Steve Lieber

Publisher – Valiant


As spoiler free a summary I can give is that Quantum and Woody now have gained fame and followers after stopping an armed robbery and Woody feeling like he could mess things up sees a psychiatrist. This psychiatrist isn’t as friendly as he seems and on top of that there’s another person who was a “victim” of Quantum and Woody’s past exploits and wishes to see them dead and the sooner the better for him.

Like previous stories there’s plenty of surreal things happening and Quantum and Woody’s comical quips about these things. The storyline itself works well too, James Asmus keeps things moving at a good clip and doesn’t let any of the absurdity to leave itself for too long where you would have to ponder how weird it was because some character will show up and make things clear.


The art by Steve Lieber seems gritty and realistic. Which almost makes a nice contrast and actually seems to help sell the absurd parts of the story even more. Some might not like the style but it does its job well, I think. QWMD_002_005


The writing is still top notch and the art grabs my attention. The story itself though entertaining does seem to not be as strong as previous ones though. The end of the issue fixes the problem where it doesn’t seem like the psychiatrist is any sort of a threat but until then I had a really tough time swallowing the pill that he’d be able to get anything done to Quantum or Woody. But with that minor complaint this issue is still really enjoyable so I give Quantum and Woody Must Die # 2 a 4.5 out of 5.