Straight Forward Reviews : Princeless The Pirate Princess # 2

i2 review copy-1Adrienne and Raven get into conflict with each other with, as the cover succinctly says, Sparky as the arena.

Writer – Jeremy Whitley

Artist – Rosy Higgins and Ted Brandt

Publisher – Action Lab 

Review by Jeremias de Leon


This issue isn’t dialog heavy but a spoiler free summary would be that Raven has plans for Sparky that Adrienne takes issue with and the two fight over (quite literally) Sparky.

As always Jeremy knows how to write character interactions and this issue still has enough dialog to make one interested in the characters and the story. Most of the issue is about the fight though and it’s a really engaging one and a bit funny as well.


The art is where this issue really shines. It’s so vibrant and dynamic that it feels less like a comic and more like a cartoon’s still frames.  A cartoon with a high budget. I absolutely love the art and if there’s no other reason to buy the book, which of course, there are. But if there’s no other reason let the art be one. i2 review copy-5


While the story didn’t really reach out and grab me in the beginning or the end the middle of the story which was mostly the fight was really enjoyable. Also as stated before, the art is amazing. I give Princeless The Pirate Princess # 2 a 4 out of 5.