DaWaRou Posts: The Age of Animated Reboots

We’re in a strange and wondrous time…2015…the 2010’s. It’s a time where those who were children in the 80’s and 90’s are now adults, old enough to vote, die for our country and most importantly, repopulate the earth with more children who will also grow up and have more children. The most curious thing I find though is how our collective nostalgia seems to keep coming back to haunt us. By which I mean our Animated Nostalgia because right now, in 2015 we are in the Age of Animated Reboots!

1. The PowerPuff Girls


I’m pretty sure that this was the first thing to kick this whole thing off. A couple of years back, Cartoon Network aired an all new episode of the classic Cartoon Cartoon, The Powerpuff Girls. The episode was on the more average end of “meh” and while the humor was good and the characterization was spot on, the animation was weird and they got the girls powers wrong. Either way though, it seemed to prove successful enough though that rumors began to circulate around the net that the show was getting a revival, and as a major fan of the show, I was ecstatic. And after months and months of searching, nothing came of it, until about a year ago when it was announced that the show was indeed getting a revival set for next year.

2. The Lion Guard


I have to honestly wonder who thought that this was needed. While not necessarily a reboot, it’s a spin-off series based on The Lion King. This will focus on the offspring of Simba and Nala (no, not the one from the shitty sequel, though with this being created that does make the sequel canon) who’s name I don’t care to know. Anyways, he’ll form a kind of…guard of some kind…and this just seems lazy and needless. Like, seriously, what studio head was desperate enough for money at Disney that they needed to make this. At least I can say this though. It’s not a Frozen spinoff series.

3. The Magic School Bus


The Magic Schoolbus may be one of the most nostalgic series to a good chunk of us and so of course it’s coming back. The downside is that it’ll never see the light of television airwaves and will instead go straight to Netflix. Honestly though, of all the nostalgic series that are coming back, this one makes the most sense as not only is it entertaining it’s also educational so we’ll remember all of our favorite moments and our kids will have some “wholesome” education to satisfy them and it’ll be good to see everyone’s favorite Time Lord that’s not Mary Poppins again.

4. Danger Mouse


I honestly don’t know anything about Danger Mouse aside from it being a show from across the pond that got MASSIVELY popular here. It’s…a thing I guess. I’m not really sure what the nostalgic hard on for this is but I’m sure people will let me know at some point.

5. Rainbow Brite


This is another one of those things that I really don’t know much about. I saw the trailer for the new Rainbow Brite cartoon in a livestream and I think the whole chat’s consensus was a general “…WTF?” This is a cartoon that will become this decade’s Rocket Power. It’ll be instantly dated due to the audience it’s trying to appeal to and will be using terms that are outdated as of…10 years from now. Then again maybe the new Rainbow Brite will become this great show that appeals to both genders like another little girl’s show of nostalgic yore that’s currently running in it’s 5th season.

6. Inspector Gadget


So…this actually looks promising. An all new Inspector Gadget cartoon that’s going straight to Netflix and will be something of a time skip series, featuring an older Penny in a more…futuristic setting…I’m judging all that based on this image. Inspector Gadget was an alright show. It had a kickass theme song for sure…which had better be maintained in this new version.

7. Reading Rainbow


Another nostalgic edutainment series! I very vividly remember that Reading Rainbow opening theme…the actual content of the series…not so much. This was Kickstarter’d the fuck out of in order to get it’s revival and now it’s coming back. GOOD JOB EVERYONE!

8. DuckTales


This is the one that’s truly bothering me as this was just dropped right out of the blue with no rhyme or reason. DuckTales, the series that kickstarted the Disney Afternoon and continued the trend of Donald Duck’s nephews getting unceremoniously dumped off at some other relations doorstep, is coming back to us in 2017. Why? Your guess is as good as mine, I’ll tell you that, and this honestly got me thinking about the big question here; why?

Why are these series coming back? Is it out of a genuine love for the original product and a desire to show it to the new generation? Or is it banking on the fact that these shows have a genuine place in people’s hearts and that we will indulge the new series regardless of it’s actual quality? Basically, is it out of love or money? Now The Powerpuff Girls I will argue that there is solid and legitimate love for that series that touched the hearts of so many young kids in the 90’s and early 2000’s, myself included as I went and paid to see the movie in theaters in 5th grade. Now, many would argue the same for DuckTales as it holds similar value to the grand majority of us. The problem here though is that it’s Disney bringing it back and as evidenced by the Disney Sequel parade of yesteryear, the Mouse will do anything for money. But what do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below because as stated previously, we’re in the age of Animated Reboots.