Harbinger # 24 Review

Written by Joshua Dysart
Art by Khari Evans & Brian Reber
Lettering by Dave Sharpe
Valiant Comics

This will be a Spoiler Free review. (kinda)

                Flamingo is dead. Kris, Faith and Torque deal with their emotional  fall out of that and their assault on the Harbinger Foundation. Meanwhile, Peter and Harada find out how big of battle they are fighting and what exactly they battle meant.


                THIS ISSUE WAS AMAZING. The emotional heaviness of last issue is full realized this issue as we go through our remaining Renegades going through mourning. We get some very powerful dialogue from Dysart. Plot moment gets heavier this issue as Dysart decides to reveal Bleeding Monk’s true motives this issue and why things have ended up being the way they are.  This issue had it all. Action. Adventure. Passion. And a great chunk of emotion. It ties up many things from not only this storyline but also character arcs within the series.
                  Khari  Evans and Brian Reber give us their best work to date with great amount of detail with powerful colors to make the art alive.  Panels were downright heart reaching through just pictures alone and just the emotional contortion of faces. There are panels in this issue that I will remember for the rest of my life.  Each character had great perspective and retained very human qualities, even when doing very extraordinary things.
                 I have commented that Dysart was writing the run of his career … and I couldn’t be more right with this issue. Truly a beautiful book.


                Bad does not exist in this issue.

 The passionate dialogue between Faith, Kris and Torque alone is worth every last cent this book was made. And the major battle between Harada and Peter was cinematic in scope and detail.  If you had been following this book, you definitely will get the feels with this issue. If this is your first issue, you will plow back to the beginning and just start working on collecting more and more. Evans and Reber assist with art to make this book one of the greatest issues of comics ever to be printed. Harbinger # 24 gets a solid 5 out of 5 stars. Buy it Wednesday and share it with EVERYONE!