The Valiant #3 Review

The Valiant # 3

Written by Jeff Lamire & Matt Kindt

Art by Paolo Rivera


Valiant Comics


All hands are on deck for this issue of this book. We got this crazy evil entity on the loose and we have a whole universe of people ready to take it down. Will this work? Not really. But even if you are not here for the all out brawl (and why wouldn’t you be), there is still some great interaction between Bloodshot and the Geomancer in this issue of The Valiant.

Can I just talk about this double-page spread for a second? We got a dude in space armor, a ninja, a guy with an ax, a giant robot, a guy carrying a tree log, and a goat shooting lazer beams out of its eyes. This is all kinds of fantastic. For those of you that are very familiar with the Valiant Universe, there are a lot of familiar faces for you to spot. Seriously, a goat that shoots lazer beams out of its eyes. Seriously, it is not something you see everyday. A ninja and a giant robot, sure but come on. Goat. Lazers. It’s really cool stuff. I did feel kind of upset that we didn’t much time with all these people. Really, that’s not actually a negative. It is clear which characters this book is meant to be focused on. I blame this team for getting me so invested in this story that I now want to know more about all the people that are showing up. Obviously, this is meant as fanservice for the current fans so I can’t really knock it.

I think this issue hammers home the Kobayashi Maru analogy that I made about the Immortal Enemy in a previous review of the book. This is just no way around this thing. Even with a full armada, you can’t seem to take this thing down. The moment it hits you, it hits you hard. You have Gilad narrate all the ways the Immortal Enemy can attack you with and have the book illustrate it to you as what I think an accurate representation as to what Hell looks like. Oh god, they even got the goat to look menacing. It was already shooting lazer beams out of its eyes, I didn’t need it to start crying tears of blood. To get back to the point, how the Immortal Enemy describes itself as it transforms back to its Mr. Flay form is one of the better parts of the issue. There is no crazy crystal that that it broke free from. No evil spell that summoned it. It just is. There is nothing more scarier than that.

So, during the parts that were not running on Nightmare Fuel, we have some great interactions with Kay and Bloodshot. Their entire exchange in the mall is so great. It really grounds the whole universe as Kay is trying to understand about what is going on with the big bad as well as getting to know more about Bloodshot. Kay really is the standout in this book. It makes sense given the whole connection with Geomancers and the Immortal Enemy that she is given the focus but she is already becoming one of my characters in this universe. Obviously, it’s a short list of characters I know right now but, hey, let me have this one. The co-writers really make her be interesting and relatable in this crazy world. I can even look over the whole vegan thing.

This book continues to be the reason you should get into the Valiant Universe. Even though all these characters showed up to be punked out so quickly, it did its job at giving me a reason to care about these characters and now I want to know more about them. I give issue 3 of The Valiant four Dawn of the Dead references out of five.