Ivar, Timewalker # 2 Review

Written by Fred Van Lente
Art by Clayton Henry,  Robert Gill & Brian Reber
Letters by Dave Sharpe
Valiant Comics







Review By Frankie Rodriguez

What Happened:

Ivar and Neela go on a hell of a time jaunt as they go from prehistoric to near the time of Hilter coming up.  Once they get into World War I era, things go wrong as another time traveling being shows up.


Big Moment: That cliffhanging ending.



Van Lente gives us a superb second issue. We get lots of great development for Ivar and Neela. We get some interesting concepts on time travel and how it affects history in the Valiant Universe. We even get some plot progression and build up, layered by all the time jumping. Ivar is, by far, one of the most charismatic characters that I have had the privilege to read. He can be brash yet wise all within the same breath and Van Lente shows that flawlessly this issue.

Ivar holds a commanding presence and Van Lente show with every bit of interaction he has with Neela and others. Neela gets some great character development as she shows her humanity while feeling the temptations of being able to change history. Van Lente proceeds to give us a fine example of power and responsibility when tempted with the ability to play God. It’s a powerful issue that just is layered and presented with finesse. A spectacular job by Ivar.

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Henry, Gill and Reber give us an explosion of wonderful art for the issue. Henry and Gill present strong pencils that capture emotion extremely well. From prehistoric age to World War I to World War II, Henry and Gill create an immersive experience for not only the characters, but the readers as well. The backgrounds and characters are distinctive details. From the first page to the last panel, Henry and Gill present powerful, eye catching panels with wonderful perspective and emotion that allows you experience the story more than it being told to you.  Reber boldly colors their work to near perfection as we get so many tones that bring out the best of Henry and Gill’s work. The colors made sure to match the mood and setting of very scene perfectly.  Truly a triumphant issue by this art team.


Final Verdict:

We have an issue full of so much done in so few pages that it is amazing. Yet, Van Lente shows why he is one of the best writers in comics with this second issue showing great character development, plot progression, surprises, new theories on time travel and even a bit of comedy with the drama. This sci-fi treat proves itself amazing and can stand with any other franchise out there. We get some eye-gripping visuals from Henry, Gill and Reber that command attention with a hell of a cliffhanger at the end. This issue had it all and fit it so well. Already a contender for single issue of the year, this is a shining star in Valiant’s continuing library of quality, fun comics. Comics at its best.  I am proud to give Ivar, Timewalker # 2 a war torn 5 out of 5.