Fight Like a Girl # 3 Review

Written by David Pinckney
Art by Soo Lee
Letters by Adam Wollet
Action Lab Entertainment





Review by Frankie Rodriguez

What Happened:

As we look back at Amarosa and Kaiden have a conversation about why she is willing to go through these trials, that subject becomes the heart of her next conflict … in SPACE.


Big Moment:

Amarosa facing certain death … and beating it.



Lee’s style is good here. This issue’s art was still great in terms of conveying emotion and good action. And we do get solid panel work. The perspectives were good. Yet, Lee’s art seems a bit more sketchy looking this issue. It looks a bit rougher as Amarosa goes into combat.  We get some very compelling panel work, with great detail and powerful emotion.  And while the lack of backgrounds is noticeable, it is space so it makes sense. The colors are on point this issue, give us a darker look into space. The sketchy ness of the art this issue is a bit more than normal, it doesn’t break the comic. It just gives it a rougher texture. Otherwise, a solid job by Lee.




Pinckney allows this issue to be a “why are you here” issue, where we delve into the character motivations.  Amarosa very mission to save her brother is put for all, including readers, to bare and it is amazing. She is challenged by not only her boyfriend, but also her next challenger and Pinckney drives it as the main plot of the issue.

We get some wonderful character development for Amarosa and Kaiden in their opening flashback. The battle itself was a grand battle to show Amarosa’s resolve and test her actual motives, allowing readers to see a vulnerability in Amarosa that had not been seen yet.  Pinckney presents that vulnerability well with some powerful dialogue between her and her challenger. The very question of the existence of the series and her motives are tested to the point where Pinckney shows us the answer. The issue pretty much holds on that plot while moving along the rest of the story and does so exquisitely.

Final Verdict:

We get one hell of an issue that is personal and powerful. The art looks sketchy this issue, which slightly brings it down. Otherwise, it’s a great issue that holds a great battle and strong character development. I give Fight Like a Girl # 3 a space-battling 3.5 out of 5.