Stray #1 Review

Written by Vito Delsante
Art by Sean Izaakse, Ross Campbell & Simon Gough
Action Lab Entertainment


Review by Frankie Rodriguez

What Happened:

We start with an origin, get a death and find ourselves a mystery. And a son finds out his father has died.

Big Moment:

The death of our hero is pretty damn brutal.



Izaakse, Campbell and Gough give us a bold introduction. We got some solid action as we see our main character is no slouch. We got great perspective shots and some solid emotional moments as Izaakse art combines modern comic book with great touches of realism. There is plenty of detail in the panel work while Campbell and Gough brings Izaakse’s work to life with stunning color. The shading and colors brings out the best of Izaakse’s art and makes the world look realized.

While the style is very modern comics, Izaakse does go out of his way to make sure that there are more panels from different shot composition than most normal super hero comics. I definitely applaud him for giving us a different experience. A wonderful job by the art team.

Stray_01_4 Stray_01_5


Delsante brings us a thrilling first issue packed with a lot. We get solid world building. Delsante wastes no time introducing us to our main character and the most significant person in his life … his father. We get a strong introduction to Rodney as we see how different of a person he became as he grew up from his time from being a sidekick. Delsante paces the first issue so well that we get an origin, character development, world building and plot set up in one, flawless package. The threads for the story are laid and start getting great pay off  halfway through.

The dialogue is great and it is wonderful to see a different kind of fall from grace for a former sidekick. Delsante gives gripping narrative alongside compelling characters along with solid mysteries that just make you want to know more.


Final Verdict:

Some awesome art, a crazy mystery and wonderful story lures you in this first issue.  This world is interesting and dangerous. And Rodney is definitely a charismatic and multi-faceted lead and Delsante clearly shows it with his writing while Izaakse shows us with his art. And the ending of this issue just makes readers beg for more. I give Stray #1 a spectacular 5 out of 5.