Unity # 15 Review

UNITY # 15
Written by Matt Kindt
Art by Pere Perez & Brian Reber
Letters by Dave Sharpe

Valiant Comics



Review by Frankie Rodriguez

What happened: After their confrontation with the United, Unity takes some time apart. Faith has indeed left the team, but Ninjak … Ninjak takes some time off. Long enough to try to heal up. After taking a smaller mission from Neville, Colin completes a simple mission … while becoming the greatest liar of all.


Big Moment: All the moments where Colin wanted to kill someone were really excellent.


Pere Perez deliver a strong issue focusing on our resident ninja. There is a good amount of action that Perez displaces with his pencils well. And the vulnerability and emotion from Ninjak was easy to see. We get a great amount of detail. While this issue seemed to deal with more character growth for Ninjak, Perez goes all out showing how great of a spy that Ninjak is, yet how human he still is with a diverse amount of expression. There is solid panel work and Reber deals us with spectacular color that brings out the right mood to the panels. It’s a great job by Perez and Reber.

UNITY_015_002 UNITY_015_003


Kindt does a great job spending the issue setting up character development for Ninjak before his series starts. We get a lot of layers to our team’s ninja as he shows us how good of a spy he is while showing us the vulnerabilities of Colin. The narrative that took us through the issue was insightful and fun as we find that Ninjak does control his emotions … a lot. Intelligent, Colin does not like things that don’t challenge him, as this issue illustrates. Kindt keeps the dialogue tight, showing that our hero is a man of few words. We got to know a bit more about our hero and Kindt makes the issue pace well.


Final Verdict:

We got plenty of character development with good action as we devel deeper into Ninjak. With great, detailed art and a wonderful tight script, this issue delivered a great one and done story about Ninjak. I give Unity # 15 a strong 4 out of 5.