Straight Forward Reviews : Shinobi Ninja Princess # 6

Shianndrea is back to kick some more ninja butt in Shinobi Ninja Princess # 5.

Shinobi 6_1Writer – Martheus Wade

Artist – Martheus Wade

Publisher – Action Lab

Review by Jeremias de Leon


Things are coming to a head as Shianndrea’s ninja clan the prepare for full on war with the Azumi ninja clan to reclaim Shianndrea from their clutches.

We get a glimpse into what makes Shianndrea so special and why her enemies want her out of the way and why her friends would risk their lives to save her. The writing this issue is more focused on character interactions and it feels stronger because of that. We did see interactions in previous issues but there was more exposition. This issue is more intriguing thanks to what glimpses we get into the personalities of the characters.


The term “saturday morning cartoon” has been thrown for the art style in previous issue reviews but that might not seem flattering considering I do think the art style is good. The art in this issue is consistent with previous issues. The characters stay on model and they have this nice stylistic look to them where more than their details their unique traits are what stands out and it’s pretty cool. The action scenes are good as well, they all are depicted well and the panels, or in some cases panel, show the flow of the action and makes following it pretty smooth. Shinobi 6_6


This issue of Shinobi Ninja Princess is the most intriguing issue yet. The character interactions are really enjoyable, the action was nice and the ending really gets the reader interested by hinting that things are only going to be ramping up from here. I give Shinobi Ninja Princess # 6 a 4 out of 5