Straight Forward Reviews : Q2 : The Return of Quantum and Woody

The journey of the older Quantum and Woody comes to a head here in this last issue of the original Valiant duo’s return.

Q2_005_COVER_BRIGHTWriter – Priest

Artist – M.D Bright

Publisher – Valiant


Without spoilers the story in this last issue sees Quantum and Woody finally and truly team up again. There’s also some revelations and some heavy things occur that one would expect when dealing with people as dangerous Quantum and Woody and the antagonists. The book does it’s job wrapping things up as tightly and neatly as it can, in what seems to be the wrapping up in not only a story about saving the world from super soldiers but about growing up.

The writing in this issue makes everything in the previous issues make complete sense. Not that the previous issues were hard to follow but a lot of the ambiguities in previous issues are now seen in a light that clears up the fog from previous issues.


The art from M.D Bright has been consistently good in every issue. Though one thing I have to point out specifically is the way Bright makes the androgynous “Woody” character look androgynous. Considering sometimes androgyny looks too much one way or the other in other media to have Woody looking female in one part of the comic and male in another and have it still be recognizably be the same character is good. Q2_005_005


This book is a great wrap up the storyline and Quantum and Woody’s personal issues with each other. It’s bittersweet due to what happens to some of the other characters but it does end on a parting shot that leaves some hope for the reader. Though there are parts in the comic that seem to be too wordy and convoluted and a little bit confusing as to what exactly the message or the morals are it is an entertaining read. Q2 : The Return of Quantum and Woody gets a 4 out of 5