DaWaRou Posts: Netflix to create live action Legend of Zelda series

So, while I’m not the biggest gamer in the world, in fact I wouldn’t be wrong in saying that I really don’t like a lot of video games, there are certain game franchises that I’ve  a strong fondness for. Kingdom Hearts for one, Sonic the Hedgehog for another. Give me a Kirby or Pokémon game and I’m good to go and I very much love the Darkstalkers series. But I think my biggest video game love goes to The Legend of Zelda.

So many Links, so little time
So many Links, so little time

The Legend of Zelda follows the adventures of a boy named Link who does battle with all manner of monsters and evil doers but most often the evil something or other Gannondorf and saves the Princess Zelda. Part of the appeal of the games is that they’re not simply just hack and slash action/adventure games but puzzle and strategy games as well. The bosses all have certain weak points that can only be hit by doing certain things with the right weapon, doors open and close depending on what switches you activate, and you must collect said right weapons by dungeon crawling to hell and back providing endless hours of exciting game play. Another part of the appeal to me is the timeline and chronology of the series. Each game, while partly linking to the others is set in an alternate timeline focusing on a different version of Link in a different lifetime, fitting as one of Link’s titles is the “Hero of Time”.

So imagine my surprise when multiple articles start hitting my facebook that Netflix is developing a Live Action Legend of Zelda series. Unlike most people, I tend to go into things like this with more optomisim than skeptisim but the skeptic in me still has to raise multiple questions. The big question on everyone’s mind is how the series is going to turn out since the developers are going for a “family friendly Game of Thrones” vibe. What exactly constitutes “family friendly”? What’re the monsters going to look like? Will we even have monsters? What’s the budget going to be? And I think that one of the most important questions is…what’s the story going to be? There are enough games to choose from that picking a story to adapt shouldn’t be all that hard. Personally I’m leaning more toward Twilight Princess or Wind Waker those being the only two Zelda games I’ve played and the ones I enjoy the most. But there are other options. Ocarina of Time seems to be a fan favorite as is Majora’s Mask. I’ve played at bit of the former but not the latter. I’d suggest just going for the basics. Our hero Link must defeat Gannon to save Zelda while on the way meeting allies and enemies alike and collecting an arsenal of both mundane and magical weapons. We can then mix and match elements of the multitude of games to create a singular universe and just create a new story route all together. This will likely appeal to old fans who get to spot Easter eggs and shout outs and attract new fans who’ve never played one of the games.

At this point the series is still very newly in development and we don’t even have a cast to start fawning over or throwing rotten fruit at. So, now I leave you with two things! A link to an actual article on the news.


And a fan made trailer for a Legend of Zelda movie. Enjoy!