Sequel to the Indestructibles, one of’s Best of 2014, now available!

Press Release

What happens when five rookie superheroes–a solar powered girl, a ballerina vigilante, a boy with an alien living inside his brain, a werewolf with confidence issues, and a girl with a black hole for a heart—are left to save the world on their own?

The Indestructibles Book 2: Breakout follows these young heroes as they face new threats and their own growing pains as they learn what it really takes to be a hero. Who will they have to deal with first: an escaped experiment who spreads a deadly virus wherever he goes, or the shadowy government agency which has decided they alone should be able to tell Solar and her team how to be heroes?

Compared to “the Breakfast Club meets the Justice League” by What’cha ReadingThe Indestructibles is author Matthew Phillion’s love letter to the superhero stories he grew up reading.

“It’s a huge thrill to be able to have the chance to continue telling the adventures of Solar, Entropy Emily and the rest of the gang as they grow,” said Phillion, who was encouraged to continue the series after a great reception at comiccons late last year.

According to Pete Chianca with Popdose, “Phillion juggles the multi-pronged plotlines well, even managing to fit in a burgeoning subplot involving the resurgence of the generation of heroes that preceded the current crop. And the action is impeccably choreographed, no small achievement when you don’t have panels full of artwork to fall back on. But the novel’s strength is no doubt its characters: Even more so than the first book, where it was hard not to assign standard superhero tropes, the superheroes of Breakout are people first, Spandex-clad adventurers second.”

As in the first Indestructibles adventure, Phillion says he worked diligently to create gender-neutral characters, working to avoid stereotypes and create more complete heroes and villains.

“This is an incredibly important aspect of these books to me,” says Phillion.

“Add in the particular depth of Phillion’s female characters — heroes and villains both — and you’ve got a superhero saga that really does deserve to break out,” wrote Chianca.

Fans of the series may also want to check out “Gifted,” an Indestructibles holiday story, available as a Kindle e-book. Taking place between books 1 and 2, “Gifted” takes a look at what the team does during its first holiday season together as they fight off winter loneliness and learn more about who their teammates are as human beings rather than superheroes.

Phillion has worked as a journalist, writer, and editor for almost 20 years. He is also the writer, director, and producer of the feature film “Certainly Never,” a romantic comedy about what he calls “the stupid things we do to try to find our own happiness.” “Certainly Never” premiered at the 2013 Massachusetts Independent Film Festival.