The Game Riffers 2014 retrospective (1 of 2)

Hello everyone! Fighter xaos here or “The Straight Forward Reviews guy” as you might know me on The Broken Infinite.

As you may know I started a let’s play gaming group on youtube with my good friends 16BitJeff and RRPG called TheGameRiffers. We used to put our videos on TheBrokenInfinite before and we just kind of stopped. Well, that wasn’t due to any bad blood or strange occurrences. It’s just we haven’t made any new content in a while due to other things happening (a.k.a life) but we have come back and with our first videos of the year we have our look back at 2014 in gaming. We look at the news, the ups and downs and of course countdown our top games of the year.

In this part we have our first two videos which contain the big news of the year 2014 and our discussion on the best and worst the gaming companies have done in that year. So sit back and enjoy and be on the lookout for part 2 which will contain our respective lists for top 10 games of the year.