Mehcad Brooks Cast As Jimmy Olsen In Supergirl

Written By: XBen3000

We have some casting news tonight for the upcoming Supergirl series. This time we have our Jimmy Olsen who will be played by Mehcad Brooks. Here’s a description of his role in the series.

Olsen, in the CBS take, is a photographer at CatCo.,
where Kara works. He’s the 
salt of the earth and this only makes Kara crush on him even more. The character has recently been living and working in National City though the reason is still a secret. As Kara emerges as Supergirl they grow closer.


So I’m looking forward to seeing his take on Jimmy Olsen. Like always let me know what you think down below or on Twitter. Are you happy with Mehcad Brooks as Jimmy Olsen?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter