Thor #4 “Thor VS Thor” Review

Written By: XBen3000

Coming at you with a review of the latest issue of Thor. This time were in for a treat as Thor meets Thor Odison in the clash everyone has been waiting for. Does this issue deliver, read the review and find out. Warning there will be spoilers down below.

Starting off this issue is from Thor Odisons perspective. We catch up a bit with Thor Odinson after having his arm cut off and we get to see the origins of his new arm. I really loved that Thor Odinson regardless of the circumstances, he still wants to protect Midgard. From there were brought back into the present where Thor Odinson faces off against Thor and wow. Those panels by Russel Dauterman are well done. Also Matthew Wilson’s color palette really hit an all time high for me with this issue. Especially the splash page, just the way Russel Dauterman was able to frame that scene and giving it so much depth. Like the Frost Giants look huge in those panels and the colors by Matthew Wilson only add to that page. Making it easily standout above the rest of the panels in this issue.

In terms of writing, Jason Aaron knocks out of the ballpark. While I didn’t care for the Skull of Laufey plotline.  I’m glad it brought Thor and Thor Odinson together and having this conversation. Thor Odison has some heartbreaking dialogue in this issue. The dialogue where he’s coming to the realization that he can no longer wield Mjolnior and he’s no longer the “God of Thunder” and he’s just Odinson now. Also Thor Odison passing on the title of Thor to our new Thor was beautiful. I was smiling while I was reading that scene.

Overall, while I wasn’t a fan of the “B” plot with the Skull. I really enjoyed seeing Thor coming into her own and Thor Odinson realizing he’s now unworthy. Easily this has been my favorite issue of the run so far. Thor has honestly become a book I have to read each month. The creative team always knocks it out and they haven’t dropped the ball yet.

Rating 4/5 stars.