Editorial: Thoughts on The Fantastic Four teaser

Jeff Williams/@16bitjeff


Earlier today, the teaser trailer to the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot was uploaded on the 20th Century Fox YoutTube page. With the varying unconfirmed “reports” that were posted since last year regarding director Josh Trank being fired, to him coming on set drunk and destroying said set to the word that really seals a film’s fate Reshoots, a lot of negative press was on this like a fly on ointment since day 1 and with the teaser finally showing up, we would get to here the reactions. The reactions of course have been mixed, with the majority of people joking that it’s too similar to the Interstellar teaser that was shown in theaters last year. What are my thoughts on this first look? I really like it.

Now granted this is a teaser and what a teaser is suppose to do is to show the characters, their interactions and more importantly the film’s direction and tone.

While the first teaser didn’t show the main four interacting with one another through spoken dialogue, we do get a tease on their personalities regarding this reboot’s interpretation on Comic’s First Family. Reed Richards (played by Miles Teller) is the upcoming prodigy and has been since a young child, as well as Sue Storm (played by Kate Mara) but in this interpretation could be a mixture of both nurture and army brat.

Unlike in the mainstream Marvel Comics continuity where both Sue and Johnny Storm are blood-related siblings, in this interpretation both Sue & Johnny are half-brother and half-sister through adoption courtesy of Professor Storm (played by Reg E. Cathey) who was the head on the US Government funded transportation project that would give the four participants their abilities.

Speaking of the Storms we can’t forget about Johnny Storm (played by Michael B. Jordan), in this interpretation he looks more inline with his comic counterpart being a hot head and immature spirit, however he could be a character that also when given the opportunity to would step up as a hero.

The final part that makes up the Fantastic Four is Benjamin “Ben” Grimm/The Thing (played by Jamie Bell). With this interpretation being influence by both the mainstream and Ultimate Comics lines, Ben’s personality in this film will fall more in line with the Ultimate Marvel Comics version while respecting the original counterpart. In the Ultimate universe, Ben was not only a best friend to Reed but also a big brother to him as well like protecting him from being bullied by others.

Now while we don’t know the portrayal of iconic Fantastic Four villain Dr. Doom in this universe, here’s what we do know thanks to the film’s official synopsis and what actor Toby Kebbel said in a recent interview. Before the incident that makes him become the disfigured dictator of Latveria Dr. Doom, He was once known as Victor Domashev. Victor in this universe was an anti-social programmer using the online username “Doom”. No one actually knows if this was a red herring created by the PR department of Fox to throw the audience off however during the incident, He will be on the path to becoming the one who will later be fear and known only as Doom. I would like to point out that in the Ultimate Fantastic Four comics, he was originally know as Victor Van Damme a direct descendant of Vlad Tepes Dracula and rival to Reed. In fact, in the first arc written by Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Millar, he was the one that tampered with the N-Zone (this universe’s Negative Zone) teleportation device that gave the others as well Doom, their respective abilities.

To wrap up, with the cast, director and writer in charge with this fourth live-action attempt with Comic’s First Family while a lot of the older fans may not like the changes, with this upcoming film it won’t be the definitive version of the Fantastic Four but from this very early look this has the potential to be the first good movie unlike the last three attempts. We can only wait and see until we get more information come San-Diego Comic Con 2014 and with the recent announcement of Composer Marco Beltrami, who scored the The Wolverine (that score is one my favorite comic-based film scores) will be composing the score to this movie , at least this should be another great comic-book film score on the horizon.

Directed by Josh Trank of Chronicle fame and written by Simon Kinberg of X-Men First Class/Days of Future Past fame (and yes X-Men The Last Stand), The Fantastic Four is slatted to be released in theaters nationwide and everywhere else on August 7th, 2015 and a day earlier, August 6th in the United Kingdom.