Unity # 14 Review

Written by Matt Kindt

Art by CAFU & Brian Reber
Letters by Dave Sharpe
Valiant Comics


Review by Frankie Rodriguez


What Happened: The final battle with Unity and United ends up hurting Unity in more ways than one as they might have lost the public’s respect … and a member.



CAFU and Reber continue to present to us some of the more intense and powerful. There’s some really great panel work as we see the two teams face off. They give us penty of detail and expression with their work. There was plenty of big budget like action mixed with closer combat that CAFU made look larger than life. The battle was rendered well and the expression on the characters were powerful, as Zephyr watched Eternal Warrior go to work in horror.

Reber delivers with stunning color. The near cinematic scenes allow this issue’s art to be larger than life. Gin-gr was rendered beautifully and the more mundane looking tv panels were added in well throughout the entire issue.

Unity_014_005 Unity_014_006


Kindt writes a solid issue as we get some great character development from the team. Seeing Eternal Warrior in a role as team’s spokeman this issue was great.  We get to see a new facet to Gilad that we had never seen. It was done well. It was great seeing Ninjak and Neville’s relationship on display here.  Also, Livewire proves herself the strong leader that she is known to be. Yet, Faith’s reactions really hold the emotional wait this issue. Her and Gin-gr flesh out their personalities more with the situation that they were given.

The issue was very powerful with the characters of Unity. Yet, the one thing that fell flat this issue were the United. I do not mind that they were defeated. It was just that after all the fleshing out of their characters, they had very little characterization this issue and it just felt that the United put up a decent fight but barely had a voice at the end.
Other than that, this issue was solid from start to finish.


Final Verdict:

We get some great development from our heroes, but the villains we developed the last two issues ends up falling short at the end during the final battle. The final battle was epic with both physical and emotional responses to it. Kindt weaves in global government well alongside all the action that Unity under took. And the team has a lot of eyes on them now, being impacted with the recent departure and actions. Smart writing, even though the villains got pretty much shafted at the end. The art was amazing. I give Unity # 14 a 4 out of 5.