Rai # 6 Review

RAI #6
Written by Matt Kindt
Art by Clayton Crain
Letters by Dave Lanphear

Valiant Comics

Review BY Frankie Rodriguez


What Happened:  We see Momo and Izak unite against Father as wheels are in motion.  Dr. Silk has Spylocke face … Dr. Silk. Things move closer and closer to a finale confrontation to Father.


Crain continues to deliver the best art of his career with this issue. There are plenty of things to “oooohhh” and “wooooowww” about throughout the issue with plenty of detail, color and background. Crain goes all out with giving our characters great about of atmosphere and emotion. Crain lets his ourstanding panel work really grab readers into the future of New Japan in 4001.

With a great use of expression , Crain does an outstanding job of building atmosphere for each scene to really bring the depth of emotion and feeling that fit each scene. The action was purely kinetic. Crain gives his heart and soul in this book with the color, pencils and inks.  This future has truly been visually defined by Crain.

RAI_006_003 RAI_006_005


Kindt spends the majority of the issue doing world building and character developing the supporting cast of Rai. It’s great to see Momo, Izak, Spylocke, Dr. Silk and Lula get fleshed out more with their personalities and story. We do see more areas of New Japan this issue as Kindt takes this developmental chapter to also advance towards a large confrontation with Father. A revolution is coming and players are all making moves in this game towards that fateful day.

The dialogue was smart and Kindt makes sure everyone gets a good amount of spotlight, including his main star, Rai. The world of New Japan 4001 AD has gotten deeper and richer for it cause of these characters and Kindt’s narrative and great pacing.


Final Verdict:

Rai #6 gives the main plot a great drive towards a fateful encounter while developing the world of New Japan deeper and deeper. The book’s future mythology and confrontations grow with every stroke of Crain’s pen or pencil. The stunning art and exquisite writing build a strong book for the future. I give Rai # 6 a solid 5 out of 5.