Zombie Tramp #6 Review

Zombie Tramp #6
Written by Dan Mendoza & Jason Martin
Art by Anna Lencioni & Jason Martin
Action Lab Entertainment

Review by Frankie Rodriguez

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What happened: Janey stumbles onto a private fighting club out in the desert. And her curiosity gets her pulled in.


Lencioni’s style is simple, with cartoony, almost anime-like, style to it. Yet, she makes it work as she draws a brutal issue with Janey going from being a spectator to a combatant. Lencioni does a great job of giving good perspectives and making things gross when they need to be. The sillier stuff this issue was also handled rather well by Lencioni. Martin’s colors brings the best out of Lencioni’s work, making this desert combat zone feel like a desert combat zone. Simple, yet effective, this issue’s art was good.



Mendoza and Martin give us a fine one and done issue as we get to see more development for Janey. It is clear that our main character is definitely a woman we both cheer and leer at. This issue, Mendoza and Martin do develop her powers more, showing the spell book she carries can hypnotize living humans. The fact that there is an illegal fighting ring with monsters, illegal immigrants and more was smart writing. We are getting to know more about the world of Zombie Tramp and it’s looking quite “fucked.” That being said, Mendoza and Martin give us authentic dialogue and make the issue fun as Janey’s hunger gets her into combat.


Final Verdict:

Zombie Tramp #6 is a fun, one and done issue that allows Janey to grow as a character and in power. We get to see more of her impulsive side get her into trouble and how dark and dangerous this world is. Still, Mendoza, Lencioni and Martin make it fun for readers.  I give Zombie Tramp # 6 a 3.5 … out of 5.