Secret Wars To Combine Ultimate and Marvel Universe

Written By: XBen3000

What’s going on Broken Infinite Crew? XBen3000 here and I’m here to give you all the news about Marvel’s upcoming Secret Wars event. Starting off Secret Wars will be fusing the Marvel Universe(Earth-616) with the Ultimate Universe. Thus leaving the two superhero Earth’s destroyed. In its place however will be “Battleworld” which is the “melting world from which the new Marvel Universe will be fermented,” Brevoort said during this conference.

“None of these stories are What Ifs or alternate reality stories,” Alonso said. “And they will have legs. They will impart new things into the Marvel Universe going forward.”

All of the previously revealed Battleworld teasers represent parts of the new Marvel Universe, and are described as only the “tip of the iceberg.” Several “Secret Wars”-related announcements are planned over the next two weeks. So it seems as though we have more books and mini-series that are coming to form the new Marvel Universe entitled “All-New Marvel”

Also an interactive Battleworld map will be released later on We’ve also had the reveal of the Secret Wars #2 cover, illustrated by Alex Ross. Who will be doing the cover art for this event.


Axel Alonso said the following about Secret Wars “”This is putting an endcap to decades of stories, and starting a new era. When you see the scope of the stories, you’ll see what we’re willing to do. If we wanted to resurrect Gwen Stacy, this would be the place to do it, wouldn’t it? If you ever wondered what would happen if you take the ‘Age of Ultron’ universe and perch it next to the ‘Marvel Zombies’ universe, this would be the place to do it.”

Also mentioning that this would be a fantastic jumping on point for new readers. Like always Broken Infinite Crew, let me know what you think down below in the comments or on Twitter.