Batman VS Robin Voice Cast Revealed

Some casting news for you today Broken Infinite Crew. We’ve learned of the voice actors who will be playing in the upcoming Batman VS Robin animated film. We have some returning actors from Son of Batman. So I’ll start by listing them off.

Jason O’Mara will return as Batman

Stuart Allan will return as Robin/Damian Wayne

Sean Maher will return as Nightwing

David McCallum will return as Alfred

New voice actors who will be apart of this animated feature are as followed.

Jeremy Sisto who previously voiced Batman in Justice League New Frontier will be playing Talon.

Grey Griffin (formerly DeLisle) will be playing a character named Samantha.

Weird Al Yankovic will be playing Dollmaker.

Robin Atkin Downes will play a character named Grandmaster.

Peter Onorati will be playing a person named Draco.

Finally Kevin Conroy will guest-star as Thomas Wayne.

Batman vs Robin is the sequel to Son of Batman. It will be inspired by the Batman: The Court of Owls comic storyline that was written by Scott Snyder and drawn by Greg Capullo. The story told of a secret society dating back to the early days of Gotham City that kidnapped children and raised them to be assassins. My thoughts right now is that this story is too big for an animated film. I’ve watched Throne of Atlantis this morning and if Batman vs Robin is going to have the same run time of 72 minutes. Then I’m will be scared that they will not be able to tell the story they need too with this one.

We have Jay Oliva as the storyboard artist. He’s done the last five DC Animated features along with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Doing the script we have J.M. Dematteis and James Tucker producing. Like always Broken Infinite Crew, sound off down below or tell me how you feel on Twitter about the cast.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter