The Death-Defying Doctor Mirage # 5 Review


Written by Jen Van Meter
Art by Roberto De La Torre & David Baron
Letters by Dave Lanphear

Valiant Comics



Review by Frankie Rodriguez
What Happened: As Hwen and Shan come up with a plan to close the breach between the underworld and the living world, the Nazi Occultists plan to use Shan as a sacrifice to keep a demon bid to their will and their immortality. As the demon Ivros heads for the breach, the clock is ticking for Hwen and Shan to defeat both threats and say goodbye forever …



De La Torre and Baron give us a magnificent, stunning end to this miniseries. We have some powerful, emotional moments between Hwen and Shan that De La Torre renders beautifully. We also have some very great action. De La Torre and Baron go out of their way to make sure the book keeps its supernatural feel will make a difference between the living world and the underworld.

De La Torre goes all out this issue with different angles for the panels. There is a slant in may perspective panels, adding a nice dimension to the usual straight forward, horizontal panel. Baron’s colors were simply out standing as we got more of the underworld and how well this world works. And the final page of the issue was just full of so much emotion captured in one spot that it brought me “feels.”



Van Meter crafts an epic and emotional finale that is a cut above the rest. We get a great mix of emotion and action as Shan and Hwen do their parts to fight. We get some really great character development for Shan and Hwen, allowing both of them to become strong characters alone. Yet, this also allows readers to really get a great sense of power and love from the couple when they are together. Each is not lesser than the other and Shan proves to be one of the strongest female characters in comics today.

The dialogue was rich and engaging. The pacing of the issue was perfect. The overall  plots were each met with satisfying conclusions that Van Meter even surprised us with. Readers will be thrilled on how Shan faces the Nazi Occultist and handles herself. Looking at the overall progression of the series to this final issue, the book makes the journey worth it in spaces. Truly a gem to kick off 2015.


Final Verdict:

The short of it. I love this issue. I love Shan. I love Hwen. I love the demon that Shan freed while taking down the Occultist. I love the resolutions of almost all the plots but Van Meter leaving a few threads for more. De La Torre and Baron do some of their best work yet this issue and I could not be happier. The new year just started and this might be my favorite single issue already.


I give The Death-Defying Doctor Mirage # 5 a gloriously gorgeous 5 … out of 5. BUY IT TODAY! LOVE IT!