The Devil You Know #1 & # 2 Review

Written by Frank Mula
Art by Kellik, Nunun Nurjannah & Victoria Pittman
A88A Press

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What happened: Greydon Cross was killed alongside his family by Satan. After he died, he is given a choice to go to heaven or go to hell and kill Satan. Yet, in doing so, he becomes Satan. He goes to hell to get revenge and meets some people and creatures on the way.

Review by Frankie Rodriguez


The art is pretty standard in this book. Kellik’s pencil give the book the right look while Nurjannah shines with some great inks that bring out the best Kellik. We got to see some good back ground work and characters show expression. Pittman’s colors definitely help save the first issue and enhances the best of Kellik and Nurjannah’s art in the second issue. There are some times where Kellik’s work looks a bit rushed in the panels or need better filling out before hand. Yet, the book provides enough artistic talent to show us characters that are full of expression and realized worlds. Well, for the most part. In issue 2, it does seem very simple, background wise. There is room for improvement but these first 2 issue lay ground work in more ways than one.



Mula opens these issue with a great, original plot and a love of fantasy. We get a good look at our lead, Greydon Cross. Mula makes him feel like the ordinary man till he makes the deal with God. As our lead carries on, the strong he will get.

Mula does an excellent job of adding horror and fantasy  into the book as well, allowing other characters to come in and play. The dialogue feels authentic and we get some interesting points about Heaven and Hell. The fact that this is not the first time God gave this deal to someone and isn’t afraid to admit he will make this deal again. This alongside the fact that he is using Satan as a mantle keeps things interesting amongst the background.

My one gripe is not seem more emotion that his family died. It definitely went through quickly yet it would have been more exciting and impactful if we saw Greydon mourn. Otherwise, a solid job.



The first two issues of “The  Devil You Know” brings a different concept of Satan to the forefront. Mula waves a solid story in both issues with the right amount of action and fun. Greydon does seem like he doesn’t have many emotions. Yet, Mula builds a solid world and conflicts this issue. Kellik, Nujannah and Pittman do a good job on a mission  debrief.  The only gripes were that some of the detail needed to be realized and that we don’t see Greydon really mourn for  his wife and kid. Sure, there is nudity which feels shoehorned in. Yet, they do a great job selling the story and I look forward to more on his request.

I give The Devil You Know # 1 & # 2 a 3.5 out of 5.