Damsels in Excess # 4 Review

Written by Vince Hernandez
Art by Mirka Andolfo, Simone Di Meo & Mad5 Factory

Aspen Comics


Review by Frankie Rodriguez


What Happened: Devona goes hunting with Arnen while Bethany’s Kingdom of Evanfar is invaded by Princess “Porker.”  While two other Princesses, Kaleena & Ilina, contemplate what to do about Bethany and their stance in the Five Realms, we get a keep point that leads to a reunion.



Andolfo, Di Meo and Mad5 Factory continue to give us this fairy tale world with a modern touch a lot of style. Andolfo’s work fuses Disney Princesses with some anime and animation-like pencils well, allowing the book its own unique look to match the narrative and tone. Every character, be it Princess or animal, looks distinct and full of emotion. Di Meo does a great job of bring out Andolfo’s pencils. Solid panel work let’s this issue continue its “reality show” meets “Disney Princesses”  show some great action and emotion.  Mad5 Factory’s colors make Andolfo and Di Meo’s work look enchanting. It seems a bit to bright towards white here and there, but otherwise a solid job.




Vince Hernandez continues to weave a wonderful tapestry of the Five Princesses, Devona and more. As war begins in Evanfar, we see Bethany’s kingdom fighting for her, which definitely takes our main princess by surprise. There is a lot of a great character development this issue for Ilina, Kaleena,Kim, Bethany and Devona. Hernandez dives a bit more into these characters, allow readers to take in their emotions and see how they tick. Meanwhile, we advance the main plots while all the character development is happening. Kudos to Hernandez to juggle this cast so well and allow readers to feel for almost everyone within the book. Plus, the overall theme of the issue kept rearing its ugly head till the end and was fitting. The dialogue was great as we got some powerful moments and great set up to the finale.


Final Verdict:

This book continues not to disappoint. This issue is racing towards its climax. And while it feels too early in one respect, it certainly feels like time in another. The art was stronger this issue and we got great character development and plot advancement from almost everyone this issue. Yet, there seemed to feel like maybe this book will go a lot longer. Either way, the creators did a solid job at the end. I give Damsels in Excess # 4 a 4 out of 5.