GODKILLER Goes Back for Third Reprint … with Cosplay

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Press Release from Black Mask Studios: 

GODKILLER celebrates cosplay with 3rd printing!

Pizzolo & Wieszczyk’s brutal hit series GODKILLER continues its reign of terror by selling through the 2nd printing of GODKILLER #2 and generating demand for a 3rd printing!

The 3rd printing cover is a celebration of cosplay and fandom, featuring a fan-made photo of Samantha Lubrano cosplaying GODKILLER’s Halfpipe (photographed by Justin Brooks). Samantha sent the photo to Anna Wieszczyk who loved it so much she suggested it be a variant cover.

Samantha Lubrano and Justin Brooks re-created one of Godkiller’s most striking moments, when young anti-heroine Halfpipe gloomily stitches shut her own enormous stab-wound… just another day in the life for GODKILLER’s doomed fringe-dwellers.

Nice things are being said!

Pizzolo and Wieszczyk’s beloved series about quantum physics, fallen gods, and weaponized orgasms continues to garner acclaim:

“It pushed me further than I’ve ever been pushed and it establishes a new level of dialogue in the medium. In short, it’s mandatory reading for anyone who loves comics. 5 SKULLS [of 5]”
– Zac Thompson, Blood Disgusting (review of issue 3)

“Holy fuck.”
– Mitchell Doig, Comic Book City Podcast (review of issue 2)

“This is the comic book equivalent of death metal, grunge and punk all wrapped up in a bow that says fuck you to the socially conditioned norm… honestly, I loved it.”
– Alice W. Castle, Multiversity Comics (review of issue 1)

The details!

Order now-
Godkiller #2 3rd Printing DCD# NOV148197

Also available-
Godkiller #1 2nd Printing DCD# SEP148373

Currently sold out-
Godkiller #3

Coming in March-
Godkiller #4 DCD# JAN151090

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