Eternal Warrior: Days of Steel #3 Review

Eternal Warrior: Days of Steel #3

Written by Peter Milligan

Art by Cary Nord & Brian Reber


Valiant Comics


This could have gone so many other ways. I was actually looking forward to more Disney-esque ending to this story, only with a lot more blood and violence. Luckily, Days of Steel 3 delivers on the violence and like a Disney movie, there is a very catchy song.

We come back to where we left off with Gilad about to chop the head of the man, Falk, he was originally assigned to protect. After seeing yet another sign from the Geomancer, Gilad then starts to second guess killing Falk and decides to properly start trainging him. For someone who has been around for a while, you would think he would have better instincts. Falk is not exactly the killing type. The guy sings for a living. When eye balls and jaws are flying around, he’s not the one you should have to cover your back. Regardless, Gilad is determined to prove to himself that Falk is the one that will lead his people to victory.

This would be the part where you would get your corny 80s montage as you see Gilad train Falk to be the best around. Gilad would then let him go free to fight on his own and you would then see Falk charging into battle and saving his people from oppression. Unfortunately, we do not get that. Instead, we have Falk straight up running away from a battle which ends of getting all of his men killed. This is actually a major highlight in this story. I’m not saying that getting all your men is a good thing but more so the message that they are trying to get across: There is more than one way to change the world. The rest of the issue deals with the results of Falk giving up being a soldier and going back to being a minstrel. The majority of is done through narration by Gilad as he sees the ripple effect caused by Falk. The entire thing is greatly done. You get to see along with Gilad the memetic nature of the Falk’s song as it travels from person to person as it inspires the Franks to fight.

Faith was the glue that kept the story together throughout all these issues. While I did feel like all the faith talk in this issue came off a little heavy handed, they still had a good payoff. Gilad says himself that his faith is constantly tested. Really, the way everything was looking towards the end, it’s hard to not argue with him for giving it up. It gets across that life works in very mysterious ways and that, sometimes, things manage to work out.

Either way, a fitting end to this story. They managed to take a pretty simple story and managed to make it work. If this story ends up being collected, be sure to pick it up. If not, try to find the three issues. I give this issue 4 songs of the savior out of 5.