Ehmm Theory: Everything and Small Doses # 3 Review

Written by Brockton McKinney
Art by Larkin Ford, Dave Dwonch & Aimee Hanchey
Action Lab: Danger Zone


WARNING: This review will have profanity. You have been warned.

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What Happened: To put this bluntly … HOLY FUCK, SHIT GOT REAL!

Big Moment:  Hahahahahahhahahahahaha …. Mr. Everything goes Ape shit!



Many people might be put off by Ford’s more cartoon-y style and think this book might not be for him. This is where you would kindly get them this issue and have them flip through it. Ford, Dwonch and Hanchey give us one hell of an amazing issue. We get some wonderful panel work and perspectives. Ford and Dwonch go all in with an action packed issue where we see lots of things go boom and plenty of expression.

Ford and Dwonch do a solid job with showing us the characters and giving us some great backgrounds to immerse us readers. Yet, the powerful perspectives are well done and the amount of gore in this issue will astound you. Yet, our art team knocks it out of the park. Ford, Dwonch and Hanchey make the carnage of this issue look stunning.  The color by Hanchey really brings Ford and Dwonch’s work up to speed with great color to this surreal issue. And there are some absolutely shocking panels that get reactions shortly after by the characters that Ford and Dwonch do an amazing job with capturing the emotions of the characters … and the readers. Well done by the art team.

Ehmm Theory V2 3 PROOF-6


McKinney … you make made scream profanities more times in this one issue than I ever did in any comic I have read for the last 23+ years. Never in my life have I been so surprised, moved and thrilled in one issue than I did in this one. I seriously was spending my time reading the issue on the edge of my seat.
McKinney lets the art do the speaking for him much of the issue, yet he doesn’t waste much dialogue either. To help balance all of the carnage that plays this issue, McKinney smartly gives us some mystery behind Aaron’s capture and some levity, allowing readers to get somewhat of a breather.  We got some great character development for Mr. Everything, Mindwolf, Gabe, Mr. Whiskers and EMP alongside what is an action packed issue. The cliffhanger ending definitely made me scream for what will come next.


Final Verdict:

I cannot implore people enough to read this book. This book’s last two issue got a HUGE pay off this issue while still advancing the plot and giving us some very memorable moments. Notice how I am not spoiling much of the issue while still conveying how “fucking off the wall” it was. I will never forget this book as long as I live … for a great reason. The art might not be for everyone, yet it works perfectly in this issue. The creative team this issue just decided to go all out and it pays off extremely well. One of the best single issue comics I have ever read in my life. Ehmm Theory: Everything and Small Doses # 3 gets a 5 … out of 5. BUY IT. READ IT! LIVE IT!