The ZooHunters # 2 Review


Written by Peter Steigerwald
Art by Peter Steigerwald
Aspen Comics




What Happened:  Abros brings Ty with him on a bridal hunt alongside Abros old friend, Nom-te-wal-te. As the bridal hunt goes along well, Minalara gets charged with bring in Abros …


Big Moment:  Abros and Ty have a very powerful father/son moment.



The ZooHunters is shaping up to being Steigerwald’s masterpiece. From the first single stroke, to the array of colors to the final, cold panel, Steigerwald brings every bit of artistic knowledge to the forefront. We get presented with absolutely stunning backgrounds that feel both alien and erotic; allow readers to feel more immersed in the book than they ever would have been.

Steigerwald makes sure every single panel has the right amount of detail and color to fit exactly what he wants to convey from it. The setting of where the majority of the issue takes place, Revad, is not unlike a desert plain. Steigerwald takes you there with the right amount of orange hues in the sky mixed with proper attire.  Every other scene that takes place elsewhere or at a different time, Steigerwald brilliantly gives his art enough care to make sure the colors and detail allow you to feel the areas that it is and that the characters fit in those areas. There are tons of powerful expression in each panel to help make readers visibly see and feel what the characters are feeling at the time. Plus, he knocks the ball out of the park with the right shading and great perspective angles … as during one night scene, the fire give an ominous hue while under a starry sky, Steigerwald keeps completely aware of the light source and the mood he’s setting. Truly some masterful work by Steigerwald.



If you thought the art was spectacular, the writing is amazing. We get a well constructed issue as we get to know and feel more from Ty as he is dealing with being a hunter, his feelings for his father and even touches of wisdom. Steigerwald uniquely touches on the fact that Ty’s relationship with his father has never been the closest yet expresses Ty’s graditude for his father still being alive because he’s a hunter. The powerful words of narration really hit home alongside Steigerwald’s art.  And comics rarely examine the mourning process as well as this one has. Ty is going through the motions while dealing with his life as a hunter.

Steigerwald does not leave all the characterizations to Ty though as Abros, Nom-te-wal-te and Minalara get to shine throughout this issue. Steigerwald concentrates on relationships, how they work and the meaning of them this issue as Nom-te-wal-te offers both wisdom and comfort, Abros deals with his long standing friendship and juggling fatherhood all at the same time and Minalara deals with honor. Steigerwald ties these all together seamlessly.

Dialogue was powerful and the pacing of the issue was just right.


Final Verdict:

Steigerwald has masterful molded a story of mourning, honor and starting with space and the wild. The characters are all gripping and interesting. The art is absolutely stunning. The writing is superb. This is Steigerwald’s greatest masterpiece … as of now. I give The ZooHunters # 2 a bold 5 out of 5. BUY IT NOW! LOVE IT NOW!