Unity # 13 Review

Written by Matt Kindt
Art by CAFU & Brian Reber
Valiant Comics



What Happened: As Nigel goes over with Unity, now with Faith as its newest member, possible canidates for the team. All these canidates happen to be members of the United. As Faith goes on her first mission with the team, The United make their move as they know Gin-gr is in their base …and on the team itself.

Big Moment: Gotta be between a certain support character being captured and outwitted by the United or Faith finding that her impressions of a “super hero” team do not fit with Unity.

CAFU continues to astound with solid, panel work. We get some brilliant action and panel work by our art team. CAFU gives plenty of detail and perspective in all of his panel work,bringing a fresh look with each and every issue he illustrates. No panel looks quite the same in this issue and CAFU easily intensifies whatever emotion or reaction that the writer is looking for. There are plenty of shocks and thrills in this issue and CAFU and Reber do not disappoint. Reber continues to prove his mastery over color as he brings to life CAFU’s work with making sure the color matches not only the mood, but the characters within the book. Reber makes sure Faith looks and feels a bit brighter. And she does when you see her against the slightly darker tones of Unity.

The powerful final panel at the end of the issue is a true testament of the power that this team has as artists.

UNITY_013_004 UNITY_013_003


Kindt continues to proves his mastery of characterization and tying things together in innovative ways. The fact that he used Nigel possibly recruiting the individual members of the United to tell their backstory was both intelligent and fresh; allowing readers and our heroes to know about our antagonists at the same time. This shared experience allows readers to feel more connected with our main cast. Kindt builds off that with the rest of the issue paying off as the United seems to have our heroes number.
Kindt does not shy away from the fact that Faith has a love of heroes and Unity might not be where she wants to be after all. This sets up an interesting internal conflict for not only Faith, but the team as a whole. The dialogue does not waste any words or any effort this issue. CAFU and Reber seem to fit so well with their art that it just gets better and better every time¬†they work together. From the extra shadows to show the darker moments of the United’s individual origins, to Faith’s light as she carries the team across water to the final page, there is an exquisite fusion of art and color that can’t be denied.


Final Verdict:

This issue definitely was filled with rising action and great pacing as it lead to a wonderful cliff hanger. We got superb art from start to finish. And the relationships of Unity and the world are at stake and Kindt makes it all tie together flawlessly. I give Unity #13 a 4.5 … out of 5.¬†