Fight Like A Girl # 2 Review

Written by David Pinckney
Art by Soo Lee
Action Lab Entertainment

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What happened: Amarosa tackles her second challenge as she learns some new, important information about the weapons she gathers during her trials. Also, we get a very powerful moment between her and Kaiden

Big Moment: Amarosa’s discussion with Kaiden about how important he is to him and why he’s doing it.

Lee gives us an action packed issue full of emotion, thrills and spills. Amarosa looks more than capable this issue as she tackles her very large second trial and the possible apocalypse that awaits humanity. Lee brings that reality in well with detailed backgrounds of broken buildings, debris and robotics.
Lee’s style brings out some great emotions between characters. Amarosa looked very strong this issue, even when emotionally vulnerable. And I do not mean in a way that it contridicts what was being coveyed, but showing that she is perserving despite her having to make such a difficult choice. The pain and weight of it is very visibily shown; thus a testament to Lee’s ability as an artist.


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Pinckney gives us an outstanding follow up to his opening salvo. This issue picks up steam. And while the majority of issue is definitely kick ass action, we get some very strong characterization this issue. We get a bit more on how much Amarosa’s choice is not only affecting her, but someone else she cares about: Kaiden. Their opening dialogue is extremely powerful and examines Amarosa’s choice and love for the people she cares for.

Pinckney lets both the dialogue and Lee’s art do the heavy lifting to create a strong, tension filled encounter. After that, Pinckney does some “world building” with how the trial operates, what can be done with the weapons and how each battlefield feel may reflect a different point in humanity’s history. Pinckney is clever as we get a “robo-apocalypse” area for Amarosa to journey through.

Yet, the plot of the issue was simple enough for anyone to follow, but weighed with impactful, emotional moments and clever thinking on our protagonists part. Pinckney is showing how quick witted Amarosa is, allowing readers to see a strong woman in her. With the pacing done well with no flubs or weird bumps, this issue just felt right from start to finish.



Final Verdict:
Fight Like a Girl # 2 kicks you hard with great emotion and stellar action. Lee’s art steps up this issue to provide some entertaining panel work. Pinckney’s writing astounds as we get plenty of characterization alongside great action. Amarosa is proving herself amongst the stronger female characters in comics today and I look forward to what will happen next. I give Fight Like a Girl # 2 a whooping 5 … out of 5! BUY IT WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 24TH!!