Angela: Asgard’s Assassin # 1 Review


Written by Kieron Gillen & Marguerite Bennett
Art by Phil Jimenez, Stephanie Hans,Tom Palmer & Romulo Fajardo
Marvel Comics



What Happened: Angela is on the run alongside her friend, the angel Sera.  We get some back story on Angela and how angels operate in the Marvel Universe. Still, as Angela and Sera try to get through Limbo, they are met with company … familiar company … for a crime that WAS committed.


Big Moment: How Angels operate in the Marvel Universe was both fascinating and different.

Angela asgards assassin 1 02


The art was simply superb.  Jimenez and Palmer did not miss a beat while Hans made sure that every last stroke brought out beautiful work. The action was full of energy and a gritty grace to it. Jimenez, Palmer and Hans compose very striking panels that go astray from the normal panel composition and set to help dive the book a more impactful presence. And it works in spaces.
Everyone and everything had great distinctive looks. Angela had a strong looks, reflecting both her angelic and Asgard heritage. The inks by Palmer do an outstanding job of making Jimenez pencils look great. Meanwhile, Hans’s work is stunning as it hypnotizes you with its life like look. Fajardo and Hans bring all the art in this issue to life with vivid yet gritty pallets that fit for the character and tone of the story. An outstanding job by all.



Gillen and Bennett craft one of the best first issues of the year. This issue does a good job introducing Angela to readers without going over the typical origin story. It gets mentioned but then moves on to building our leading lady, which I applaud. The backstory by Bennett and Gillen not only gives us insight into Angela’s beliefs, but also how angels work in the Marvel Universe. That concept of how angels work is a striking difference from other depictions of angels in comics and other media.

The dialogue was superb as it was understandable, yet sounded different enough that it wouldn’t be something we would normally hear here on Earth. While Gillen allows Sera to grow as an intriguing supporting cast member that could bring lots of story potential as well as a great foil for Angela. And the pacing of the issue was excellent from start to finish.  Absolutely masterful work by Gillen and Bennett.


Final Verdict:

This issue was one of the best that was released this year. We got a very interesting lead who wants in a grey area because of her beliefs. We got some new concepts added to Marvel’s large Universe. The art was some of the best I have seen.  And the ending of this issue makes you beg for more. I give Angela: Asgard’s Assassin # 1 a brilliantly bright 5 … out of 5. Buy it! Read it! Now.