Crimson Society # 3 Review

Written by Mike Hunau
Art by Carlos Trigo & Andrea Celestini
Lettering by Deron Bennet
Action Lab: Danger Zone

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What happened: Jack’s wife, Lacey, has found him and Beau in an old house. Yet … we get into some troubles as zombies make their appearance in this weird supernatural/sci-fi future. And there are a lot of them.


Big Moment: Lacey’s attempts to deal with Jack’s werewolf side while trying to watch a movie together.



Trigo and Celestini do a great job this issue. We get some awesome panels of Jack in action with his new arms. We get a good amount of emotion … a lot of it fear … from our characters given their situation. The backgrounds are done well. Trigo does not shy away from doing different perspectives to view the characters. Some of the panels overlap, letting Trigo to let the characters pop out of you with their reactions and their emotions. Celestini does an amazing job coloring this issue, really making Trigo’s art pop out and give great tone to the world it is is.

I particularly like the one page panel split in three for with a grainy effect as the zombies plan to overwhelm Lacey, Jack and Beau. Some classic horror comic tropes show up but Trigo and Celestini make it look good with the darker shading contrasting the vivid color.



Hunau definitely makes things more intriguing this issue. We get some strong character development around Jack, Lacey and Beau this issue. Hunau definitely makes readers care more about Jack and Lacey now as their marriage/relationship gets fleshed out well. Lacey clearly loves her husband and is doing all she can to be with him while Jack does not want to hurt her cause of what he is. She clearly doesn’t give a damn which is refreshing. It is also refreshing to see such a powerful relationship in comics as marriages aren’t as … readily accepted into comics these days.

The dialogue was great and we get a good balance of action alongside character building. Hunau also leaves some mysteries to be had with both the opening pages of the comic and Beau himself. The addition of zombies was blended extremely well and I appauld Hunau for building so much so seamlessly this issue.


Final Verdict:

This issue went a long way of not only building the world of Crimson Society, but developing our make characters and their interpersonal relationships. We get some awesome art as Trigo and Celestini go all out this issue while Hunau gives a lot of heart and adds mystery to the mix. Definitely excited for what is to come. I give Crimson Society # 3 a 4.5 … out of 5.