The Death-Defying Doctor Mirage # 4 Review

Written by Jen Van Meter
Art by Roberto De La Torre & David Baron
Lettering by Dave Lanphear
Valiant Comics


What Happened: A powerful reunion of lovers is marred by a possible demon invasion of Earth and people about to destroy Shan’s body.


Big Moment: Hwen and Shan together again at last.



De La Torre and Baron do an absolutely amazing job. The darker, sketchy art of De La Torre goes nuts this issue with a great amount of detailed background and characters. There is so much emotion and expression with the characters this issue that readers will be able to feel it. Hwen and Shan’s time together really have some great moments together that are perfectly captured. De La Torre’s rougher pencils are touched with softer colors during those intimate moments to have more impact. The demonic elements of the book look alien, mystical and threatening, which makes Ivros’s plan to invade Earth that much more frightening. An outstanding job by the art team.



Van Meter pulls at your heart strings while plague us with impending horror. Van Meter captures some powerful character moments between Hwen and Shan with the right about of heart and clever dialogue, making the book feel authentic.

The overall plots are converging and Van Meter masterfully sets up the end as Ivros’s invasion builds up well and the threat to Shan’s physical body just adds more to the stakes. The cliffhanger at the end is heartbreaking but really well delivered. Every panel and page was paced perfectly. Shan continues to be one of the stronger female characters out there now. May people are sleeping on Shan Fong when they shouldn’t as Van Meter elevates her  to a strong lead.

With the right mix of horror, suspense, love and thrills, Van Meter sets up an epic ending to come.


Final Verdict:

This has been an amazing issue. We get lots of great development for Shan, Hwen and Ivros. With things racing to violent, powerful confrontation, this issue does a great job of setting up that confrontation while examining our lead.  This book blends love, action, horror and suspense perfectly while the art just makes this book feel and look mystical and unique. This is one of the best written female lead comics I have ever read. I give The Death-Defying Doctor Mirage # 4 a 5 out of 5.