Midnight Tiger # 2 Review

Written by DeWayne Feenstra & Ray-Anthony Height

Art by Ray-Anthony Feenstra & Paul John Little
Letters by Vito Delsante
Action Lab Entertainment



What Happened: As Gavin goes to hunting for P.Stone, P. Stone ends up finding him and the two clash with some electrifying results. Meanwhile, The Icons got something to say to Midnight Tiger.


Big Moment:  During the battle with P.Stone, Midnight Tiger ends up crashing in the backyard of a house of someone who’s … familiar.



Height and Little do a solid job. Height does a great job with detail in his panel work. Each panel, every person and background look distinct and very vivid. Height has a great grasp of modern comic book sensibilities in art as he also uses perspectives to add some energy to his work. The action this issue is just down right kinetic, making the battles really look amazing. The shading is just right and Little spares no expense in coloring each panel with care. I do enjoy that the slight darker tones to represent night definitely make the scenes at night fit at that time period. While this isn’t the only book that does it, many books coloring does not take the care to do the darker tones to represent nights. A superb looking comic.



Feenstra and Height make sure to jump right into conflict this issue.  We get the first major confrontation between P.Stone and Midnight Tiger and our writers do not disappoint as the clash was brief yet impactful. We get some world building as we get to see more heroes in the city of Apollo Bay and Feenstra and Height take the time to focus a little on Reyven.

Gavin spends the issue go on about how he was looking for P. Stone and vice versa. This is very much a wake up call to Gavin as he’s first clash with P. Stone and his gang does not go well. We got some good subplots developing  (including Gavin’s secret identity isn’t as secret as he thought).  The battle was good. And the pacing of the issue was excellent.

The only real let down this issue was how brief it felt and how unbalanced it felt towards our start versus the rest of his world. The majority of the issue revolves around Gavin facing P. Stone or people behind him. Gavin does get development but it feels overshadowed by the new characters and the nice little shock that happens at the end of the fight with P. Stone.  Still, a solid job by our writers.


Final Verdict:

While we do get a good fight and great set up, Gavin himself was just fighting this issue with little development for him. We get solid world building and the pacing is fine. It just seems that it unbalanced considering that most of the issue was about other people or Gavin’s confrontation.  Yet, we are still learning about Gavin himself and that is what feels like we only saw glimpses of.
Still, the issue was an enjoyable read with a great fight and superb art. I give Midnight Tiger #2 gets a 4 out of 5.