Southern Dog # 4 Review

Written by Jeremy Holt
Art by Alex Diotto
Action Lab Entertainment

What Happened: HO … LY … SHIIIIITTTT!!!! Um … Jasper has a moment of truth as his family is dragged to one party while he ends up at another. Yet, when he’s pushed into a corner … and the wolf comes out for a deadly, final confrontation.


Big Moment: Tie between Jasper’s great moment and the ending.



Holt writes a masterful ending to this miniseries. From beginning to end, Holt grips you as Jasper’s struggle climax in a rollercoaster from the opening panel. Holt fits so many emotions this issue, but blends it well with smart dialogue and pulse pounding moments.  There are some really terrific  character moments  from Jasper and Jasper’s mom. Jasper’s mother almost steals the issue, yet Jasper really has the best moments in this issue.

Racism came to head big time this issue and, once again, Holt did not disappoint with racism from both sides. Yet, Holt handles the subject with care as he brings a definitive ending to not only Jasper’s story, but to how Jasper’s family was.  With tense moments, triumphs and surprises, Holt weaves an incredible ending that is shocking and gratifying.



Diotto goes all out this issue. We get some really great pieces of action, emotion and … wow. That last panel at the end of the book … WOW. Diotto has a little extra “umph” in his work to really make the finale shine. The emotion of Jasper, his father, his mom and other characters are really well displayed.  Every person looks distinct and not just a carbon copy of someone else with just slightly different features. The backgrounds are well done and the action this issue has been amazing.

There are some really powerful panels this issue and Jasper’s wolf form never looked more meancing. That final panel is by far one of the most memorable and powerful that I have seen in a long time.

Final Verdict:

This issue was a triumph by both Holt and Diotto. The story ended with a powerful, emotional ending which let’s Holt makes some bold statements and riveting characterizations.  Diotto’s art is detailed and full of life. All and all, we get some wonderful work to finish off this series in what may be its best issue. I give Southern Dog # 4 a 5 …. Out of 5.